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  1. The Greek word charisma means "favor" or "gift." In English, it has been used in Christian contexts since about to refer to a gift or power bestowed upon an individual by the Holy Spirit for the good of the Church. (This sense is now very rare.).
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  3. Mar 26,  · “The Charisma Myth is an easy read, effectively integrating stories and research, strategies and applications, techniques and practices.” — New York Journal of Books “We can’t all be as charismatic as Alexander the Great or Madonna, but with Cabane’s help, we can sure get close!” —Marshall Goldsmith, author of MojoCited by: 1.
  4. Charisma is a collection of traits and behaviors that make you appeal to other people. The word comes from the Greek word "charis," which means "grace" or "gift." A person who is charismatic is exceptionally engaging, likeable, trustworthy, and, in many cases, a bit "magical.".
  5. Charisma, attribute of astonishing power and capacity ascribed to the person and personality of extraordinarily magnetic leaders. Such leaders may be political and secular as well as religious. They challenge the traditional order, for either good or ill. The word derives from the Greek charis.
  6. Charism definition is - an extraordinary power (as of healing) given a Christian by the Holy Spirit for the good of the church.
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  8. Charisma is the magnetic and charming personal quality that draws people to someone. People who have an outgoing, energetic, and likable personality that seems to naturally draw other people to .
  9. Charisma is the ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you. While it is often described as a mysterious quality that one either has or doesn't have, some experts argue that the.

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