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  1. Mar 27,  · Pretend play, sometimes called symbolic play, imaginative play, dramatic play or good old make-believe, also introduces the concept that one thing can "be" another — a huge leap in your child's understanding. After all, numbers and words are just squiggles and lines that stand in .
  2. Synonyms & Antonyms of pretend (Entry 2 of 2) 1 being such in appearance only and made with or manufactured from usually cheaper materials if you were to see the movie's pretend jewels in real life, you wouldn't be fooled for a minute.
  3. Jul 19,  · pretend (third-person singular simple present pretends, present participle pretending, simple past and past participle pretended) To claim, to allege, especially when falsely or as a form of deliberate deception. [from 14th c.] , Henry Fielding, Tom Jones, XVIII
  4. pretend: 1 v make believe with the intent to deceive Synonyms: affect, dissemble, feign, sham make, make believe represent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like Types: show 5 types hide 5 types play possum to pretend to be dead take a dive pretend to be knocked out, as of a boxer bull, bullshit, fake, talk.
  5. ‘Pretend troops are just what we need to fight for a pretend cause!’ ‘They ride around on pretend horses while knocking coconuts together and often break into spontaneous song.’ ‘I don't know why the pretend face ruined it for me, but it did.’.
  6. synonym study for pretend 1. Pretend, affect, assume, feign imply an attempt to create a false appearance. To pretend is to create an imaginary characteristic or to play a part: to pretend sorrow.
  7. Pretend play toys at Melissa & Doug are sure to inspire young imaginations. Shop play food, play spaces, dress-up sets and more. Free Shipping at $49+ Melissa & Doug.
  8. Pretend Lyrics: Pretend you're happy when you're blue / It isn't very hard to do / And you'll find happiness without an end / Whenever you pretend / Remember anyone can dream / And nothing's as.

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